In 1953 a dreamer and hardworking spanish viticulturist named Teodoro Urcelay Iturbe settled in the town of Olivar, located in the heart of the central valley of Chile.

His passion for viticulture and his rooted convictions were the basis to the establishment of his first cultivated fields located behind a rustic wine cellar with a 200,000 liter capacity.

Among aged chilean native wooden barrels a long winemaking  history was forged, a history related to grape musts and wines of great quality, which was inherited by two family generations.

Nowadays his grandchildren have kept this rooted tradition, but adding the latest technologies that have transformed the little wine cellar full of dreams into an automatized and operational industrial plant with 45.000.000 liters capacity.


Our mision is to be nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in production technologies and high quality standars that are reflected in our products, but at the same time respecting the enviroment and the current legal regulation.